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The foregoing basic premium rate is based upon the promulgated Texas Title Insurance Basic Premium Rates effective September 1, 2019. Fees listed above are intended to act as estimates only and are subject to increase or decrease upon receipt of specific lender closing instructions, title commitment, and all final closing documents. Additional fees may be applicable based on expenses related to mail-outs, mobile notaries, or other circumstances.

Disclaimer Regarding Calculators: This calculator is furnished by Corridor Title for illustrative purposes only. Corridor Title makes no guarantee or other assurance concerning the accuracy, completeness, or applicability of information produced by the calculator. This calculator and the data and information produced by it are provided "AS IS" without representation or warranty of any kind as to their relevance, accuracy, correctness, or completeness. One assumes the risk that data and/or calculation errors may occur as a result. We encourage you to contact Corridor Title directly to discuss your specific title insurance needs and to verify all costs and fees prior to closing.