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The professionalism and local market knowledge you deserve, from a company committed to our region.

For Commercial Real Estate Practitioners Committed to the Success of Central Texas, Corridor Title Combines a Professional Work Product with Unparalleled Local Market Knowledge

Corridor Title Benefits from the Strengths of Its Underwriter Partners

Licensed as an Agent by eight respected Underwriters, including Alamo Title Insurance, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Stewart Title Guaranty Company and WFG National Title Insurance Company, Corridor Title delivers significant underwriter resources and reach to every commercial transaction, as well as the choice for its valued clients from among the four largest underwriters in the country.  Corridor Title is also licensed as an Agent in twelve counties across Central and South Texas, including the entirety of the Austin and San Antonio Metro Areas.

Corridor Title’s Examination Process and Product are Second to None in The Region

Erin Campbell, SVP of Title & Escrow Operations, benefits from over 20 years of experience in her leadership role at Corridor Title. A respected industry leader, Erin and her Title Department colleagues, including Lynn Maxwell, Jessica Baldonado, Amy Crawford and Monica Vega, invest deeply in their own training, and set a high bar with regard to their professional, accessible and client-centered approach. In an era where the trends run counter to quality and intentionality in the Title Examination functional area, Corridor Title has cut a singular path - considering the Title Department to be an area of expertise foundational to our commitment to excellence and world-class service.

Corridor Title Has Recruited World Class Escrow Officer Leadership That Serves the Entire Region

Corridor Title has positioned its Escrow Staff to deeply serve industry segments in an effort to specialize its training and processes, and commit to delivering world-class service to the Austin and San Antonio Metro Areas. The benefit of this narrow and deep approach to professionalism and client service is particularly evident within the firm's Commercial Escrow Division. Lead Escrow Officers Cindy Carroll and Gina Kufrovich, as well as Escrow Officer Carla Krafka, Assistant Escrow Officer Lauren Finnegan, and Escrow Assistants Jade Whelihan and Lisa Voss function as a true team. These remarkable professionals are individually and collectively committed to the Firm's valued clients, and together they serve the entirety of the Austin and San Antonio Metro Areas. 

Corridor Title Applies Vital Local Knowledge in Order to Add Value in Their Growing Market

Corridor Title’s President, Patrick Rose, as well as Senior Vice Presidents of Development & Operations, Kim Fernea and Laura Dupont and Director of Commercial Development, Zach Biales, believe strongly in strategically supporting their Clients during the life of a project, and throughout the arch of their investment in Central Texas.  With their deep commitment to the long-term success of the Communities within the Region, Patrick, Kim, Laura and Zach, as well as the totality of Corridor Title's Development Team, bring life to the firm's distinct and compelling value proposition - delivering knowledge of the Communities we serve, as well as deep relationships with the Region's public and private sector leaders. And because Corridor Title grounds its approach in a built-to-last, long-term mindset, the Clients and Communities with whom they interact feel the refreshing nature of this compelling and distinct approach. 


"My pledge to our Clients investing in the Central Texas Region is to deliver a work product on par with the best title agents in the country, coupled with a local understanding that none of our competitors can match."  

- Patrick M. Rose, Founder and President, Corridor Title